Estatesearch Portal

Introducing our secure on-line portal giving you simple and efficient access to a growing number of services including our award-winning combined Asset & Liability search, the Financial Profile Service. All in one place, all on one invoice for greater efficiency.

  • Impressively simple
  • Elegantly efficient
  • No registration or subscription fees

Asset & Liability Searches

Financial Profile Service

An effective and efficient combined asset & liability search to support essential due diligence for Executors

$400 + applicable taxes
  • Digital Credit & Liability Data
  • Notification to 100's Organisations
  • Prevents Fraud with Vulnerability Registration

Other Services

Will Data Management Service

Ensure your Will data is clean and compliant with our screening, cleansing and notification services.

  • Check the overall health of the data on file
  • Rectify address anomalies and identify deceased subjects
  • Ongoing notification to inform you of future changes